Classes with Glasses

We offer wine education classes for everyone from novice to expert. Classes offered are Wine 101 where we take you through what is actually in your glass, from tannins to acids, to alcohol. As well as vertical tastings, food and wine parings, and wine adventures wine from many different wine regions. Check the calendar for upcoming classes and plan to join us for these educational, yet fun nights.

Wine Basics

We are starting with a Wine 101 class. This will teach you the basics about wine and how to appreciate your wine to the fullest. We will show you what is in your glass, from tannins to acids, to alcohol. Not only that, but you will learn how the wine was made and where it came from. 

Wine Around the World

We will be exploring the world of wine from Washington, to Italy, to France, to South Africa, South America, France and more! We will discuss new world and old world Bordeaux, and continue around Europe. You will learn the history behind the wine you're drinking and how it became a favorite all around the globe.

Wine Pairings

We are also doing wine pairings! Discover which of your favorite wines go with which of your favorite food! You will also learn how to pair wines yourself and what characteristics to look for when choosing a wine for dinner. Nothing is better than great wine with great food!